Plumber inspecting a pipe underneath a kitchen sink

Pipe Checks: The Importance of a Plumbing Inspection

Plumbing inspections apply to both new and existing homeowners. When inspecting new houses, it is best to check with a licensed plumber. They will test and make sure the plumbing works are solid and that no adjustments are needed.

Older houses may need an inspection to check for pipe replacement, repair, or maintenance. It’s both good for improving old and new homes, and even for-sale homes. Plumbing raises the value of the home if the plumbing system works well. Check out this guide on doing plumbing inspections.

Why Plumbing Inspections Are a Good Idea

The plumbing section and network of your house are rarely checked. It is wise to do maintenance from time to time and avoid unseen issues from worsening. At the end of the day, all parts of your plumbing system will degrade over the years.

These problems may cause later damage or danger to your property. The most suspect is usually old pipes, the crumbling integrity of the old plumbing work, and failure to perform maintenance.

Steel and iron pipes will corrode, which can thin surfaces and cause leaks or hairline cracks. Corrosion from leaking parts is also dangerous because of the rust content in water. Pipe joints, seals and will all give way from years of use. An emergency plumber can address any of these issues to prevent worsening.

Parts to Be Checked During Inspection

Most plumbing services have a standard process to confirm possible and active leaks, corrosion, cracks, and other immediate issues. However, your house might also have other parts in your plumbing network that need checking. The following are areas that should be inspected:

  • All kinds of sinks and shut-off valves. It is also advisable when doing any renovations for bathrooms, the kitchen, and washing and laundry areas.
  • Hot water tanks or tankless storage. These parts extend through and have regular use.
  • Basement floor drainage. This needs clearing to avoid basement flooding.
  • Sump pumps to avoid flooding.
  • Sanitary drains to avoid blockages that can cause burst pipes.
  • Sewer pumps for clearing major drainage.

Renovating old houses and fixing their plumbing can increase their resale value. A plumbing inspection can assess the needed repairs is always a good step before selling any house or property. It’s an additional plus for the peace of mind of the owner.

In Conclusion

You will need a plumbing inspection at important times in your house’s lifespan. It may happen for emergencies, like leaks and clogs out of nowhere. For old houses, this is an essential part of maintenance, so you can prevent expensive issues from occurring before they do. For new homes, you can increase the livability of the house and its resale price.

A plumbing inspection can sound unnecessary if there seem to be no problems, but it serves a good purpose for the future of a house. We at Bromac can send a licensed plumber to detect and fix those major hassles before they happen. Keep our number because you’ll need it soon enough.

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