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Plumber inspecting a pipe underneath a kitchen sink

Pipe Checks: The Importance of a Plumbing Inspection

Older houses may need an inspection to check for pipe replacement, repair, or maintenance. It’s both good for improving old and new homes, and even for-sale homes. Plumbing raises the value of the home if the plumbing system works well.

Small home receiving a full home plumbing inspection by a local plumbing company

Things to Expect During a Whole-House Plumbing Inspection

There are a lot of things going on in your plumbing system. As you turn on the shower or run the, you may be reminded how important it is to have your whole house scheduled for a plumbing inspection. Aside from the convenience of not having to figure things out on your own, plumbers can also save you from more expensive plumbing services if problems are spotted and fixed early on.

Sewer inspection using a camera

All You Need to Know About Sewer Camera Inspections

One of the most essential and impactful systems in your home that can hamper your living experience or keep it smooth and hassle-free is your sewage. However, a sewer systems main problem is that not enough people know about it well enough to keep everything in great shape or prevent rising problems, which is where sewer camera inspections come in.

Video inspection of plumbing at a home

3 Sneaky Problems That Video Pipe Inspection Can Reveal

With pipes being out of sight and out of mind, plumbing issues can arise when least expected, By contacting a plumbing company that offers video pipe inspection, you’ll be able to discover common problems with your plumbing and address them before things worsen.

An Update From Bromac
Regarding COVID-19

We understand that times are tough and as an essential service, we will be staying open for all emergency and non-emergency calls.

Materials may start to run dry but we have done our best to order trucks filled with water heaters, furnaces, pipe and other materials to prep for potential shortages.

If there are any jobs you know you need done in the next while, please book with us ASAP so we can consider further material orders. For unexpected/less common emergency calls, we will do our best to stock less common parts to be able to assist in such cases. For all drain cleaning jobs, our machines are ready for the task.

As per normal we will be accepting credit as we know times like this could put a financial strain on many.

Times like these can unite us as a community. We look forward to assisting wherever and whoever is in need during the coming weeks and months.

*All of our techs are being screened and will not be working if feeling at all under-the-weather*