Man using his kitchen stove appliance that runs on propane.

Why Gas Technicians Should Install Your Propane Appliances

For households that want to minimize their carbon footprint and experience a greener lifestyle, using propane can be a great alternative to electricity. Propane or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is a safe, reliable, efficient, and versatile tool that anyone can use in their home. It burns clean gas, making it safe for the environment, and you can use it even during emergencies.

If you decide to utilize propane appliances in your home, this article will remind you how important it is to seek help from professionals when installing one. Although propane is relatively safe to use, living in British Columbia, Ontario, and other Canadian provinces will require you to abide by certain rules.

As a resident, you should remember that only people with the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) training and certifications can install and service gas appliances. Here are four important reasons you should follow the Safety Standards Act:

1. Professional gas technicians know the right propane appliance for your home

They have enough experience to know which type of propane appliance your house will need. For example, the number of people in your household or the size of your space can affect your chosen appliance’s efficiency. Since propane appliances use open flames, their requirements will be different. They also deplete the oxygen you need for breathing, so adequate ventilation will also be a prerequisite.

A professional can help you make an assessment, and they can recommend the best brand or model that will be suitable for your needs. They can help you make your investment worthwhile.

2. They will ensure that there are no leaks in your propane appliance

Aside from properly installing your appliance, they can also reassure you that your family’s safety will not be compromised. A leaking propane appliance can lead to danger, as it can potentially start a fire or an explosion.

If you want to have peace of mind, only let professionals touch your propane appliances. You can also schedule a routine inspection to ensure your home is always safe for the family.

3. They are responsible for the service they provided

Another advantage of letting professionals do the work is that they are liable for their services. If something wrong happens with the appliance, your gas technician can be accountable for any damages that might occur. Just make sure to double-check this since different service providers operate differently.

4. A professional service guarantees your family’s safety

Professionals are licensed and well-trained to do their jobs, so they are less likely to commit mistakes, especially since your safety is at risk. In case they commit an error, they are also the best people to find the most suitable solution.

Make sure that you only hire certified professionals from a reputable company that has the required knowledge and experience to provide excellent services.


Only let certified gas technicians install your propane appliances. Besides following gas safety regulations, only professionals are well-equipped to determine and install the best appliances for your home, and they can assure you of your family’s safety. Do not attempt to do it on your own to avoid any accidents and injuries.

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