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Water Saving: Are You Guilty of These Water Wasting Habits?

We learned in our science class that the Earth is composed mainly of water. Yet, not all of this water is safe for drinking and home use. This is why it is recommended to use water wisely and conserve it for future generations. However, most people lack the discipline to do it.

It doesn’t mean that because water appears to be plenty today, it will be like that in the coming years. Experts already see some water conservation issues. Although the government has already implemented solutions to solve this problem, each of us must instill discipline and passion in contributing to water conservation.

Common Ways You May Be Wasting Water at Home

You may not be aware of it yet, but you might be guilty of wasting water by doing the following:

Taking long baths and showers

Taking a shower is necessary, but doing it for 8 minutes or more can waste water. Such time can consume 17.2 gallons of water! It will be better if you can take shorter showers and baths to save more water. Also, it will be more helpful if you will use a low-flow showerhead that uses a lesser amount of water for taking a bath.

Flushing trash in the toilet

Some people have the habit of flushing paper towels and other trash on the toilets. Although most pipes in Canada can flush paper towels, the flushing mechanism requires 5-7 gallons of water. Non-flushable materials can also cause blockage and other issues in the pipe and drain system. According to experts, the toilet comprises the biggest water usage in homes. Proper handling of trash will help eliminate water wastage in the toilet.

Putting laundry loads in half full

Washing clothes can require a lot of water to be used. This is why it is advisable to put your laundry loads in full so that you don’t need to load water several times.

Using conventional toilets

If you’re still using a conventional toilet, then you might be utilizing a large amount of water daily. In fact, this type of toilet could use more than 2 gallons compared to some more innovative, cost-efficient, and low-flush toilets.

Wasting water while washing the dishes

Washing a glass by hand under running water.

Some people prefer to wash their dishes with running water. This can consume an immense amount of water, which is not good. A smarter way to do it is to clean them first with soap and water and then rinse them after.

Another mistake that people make is running the dishwasher even if it’s not yet full. Make sure to collect all the dirty dishes first before you wash them. In that way, you can minimize water usage when using the dishwasher.

Not using a glass when brushing your teeth

Brushing your teeth while water from the faucet is running is also a proven water-waster. Make sure to turn it off while brushing your teeth. You should also use a glass instead of letting the water flow.

Overwatering your garden and lawn

Watering your plants is essential to keep them healthy and thriving. Especially during summer, you should water your lawn for maintenance purposes. However, watering your lawn and garden should be done in the early morning, preferably between 5:00 to 10:00, when the air is cooler and evaporation takes slower.

Not fixing leaky pipes

A leaking pipe can cause a tremendous amount of wasted water each year. Ensure that regular checking of your pipes and water system is performed. Call a professional to do a repair or replacement in your leaking water system.


We all need to work together in saving our water resources before it’s too late. Be mindful of some habits that you might be doing that lead to water wastage. Stop these habits, and focus on how you can use water more appropriately. Also, never underestimate the assistance of plumbing experts who can do fixture replacements, plumbing repairs, and more.

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