Summer plumbing maintenance in your home

Summer’s Here! Have You Checked Your Plumbing System Yet?

Many homeowners are under the pretense that it’s only during the winter when most plumbing issues resurface. Well, that isn’t true. Your plumbing system can take a beating even during the summer. This occurs because of the additional wear and tear brought by children on vacation, guests, and other summertime outdoor activities.

Here are the most common plumbing issues in the summer:

Clogged Sewer lines

Do you notice water backing up into your toilet or other bathroom fixtures? If you do, then this is a sign that there’s a problem with your sewer line. This happens when your pipes crack, which lets excess water seep in.

Moreover, if you have many trees surrounding your home, their roots can grow into the sewer line over time, which will create cracks.

Another thing is, the heavy summer rainstorms can cause rainwater to back up the sewer as well. When this happens, you need to call a plumber.

Slow Shower Drains

In the summer, you could find yourself enjoying more time outdoors. Why not? There are a lot of activities to do. However, your plumbing system won’t be too happy with the dirt, pebbles, and sand that you bring home with you. This debris can get caught up in your clothes and body, and they make their way to your bathroom.

This is the reason behind slow shower drains. Also, excess hair can be a problem. To avoid clogged drains, make sure you regularly inspect your drain covers and remove any debris that gets stuck there.

Leaks and Clogs in the Washing Machine Hose

The additional loads your washing machine gets during this time of year can cause overflows and obstructions. Instead of doing one big wash, why not divide your laundry into several small loads? Male sure you check your washing machine hoses regularly as well to ensure there are no issues, such as leaks.

Clogged Tub and Shower

During the summer months, showers and tubs are more often used. Clogs in showers and tub drains are often made up of grease, soap scum, and dirt. Again, make sure to inspect your drains regularly to prevent this from happening.

Sprinkler System Issues

Your sprinkler systems are most used during the summer, and barely in the winter. That’s why you must take advantage of the cold season—check your sprinkler systems before you turn them on in the summer.

When there are leaks in your sprinkler system, it can affect pipes, which can increase your water bills. That’s why you need to inspect and clean your sprinkler heads before you use them. The build-up of dirt can cause water to back up in the hose.

You should also check the hose for any damage and make sure the water isn’t being wasted. Do this by spraying it in varying directions instead of areas you want them to water.

Take Care of Your Plumbing System in the Summer

Knowing these common plumbing issues in the summer is important. Use this information to help you prevent them from happening. On the other hand, if you’re already experiencing plumbing issues this time of year, reach out to a professional and don’t attempt to DIY it.

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