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4 Signs That the Commercial Main Sewer Line Is Clogging Up

While the commercial main sewer line is not built into your commercial property, it is still an essential part of your building’s operations. It is responsible for carrying waste away from your property or building to the right processing facilities. For this reason, knowing the signs of a clogged sewer line can help you quickly identify that a problem has developed, allowing you to call for help and address the issue.

That said, here are the signs that the commercial main sewer line is clogging up:

1. Plumbing fixtures don’t behave normally

Over the course of running your business, you will become familiar with how your plumbing fixtures work on normal days. This includes everything from how the toilets operate down to the effectiveness of drains. When plumbing fixtures do not behave as they normally do, that can be a sign that there is a problem with the commercial main sewer line.

Signs can include gurgling drains, bubbling toilets, and the like. If you discover anything of concern, be sure to contact your plumber.

2. The sewage cleanout is filled with water

Your building should have a sewage cleanout—a pipe that drops straight into the main sewer line. There should not be any water there, and you can check by removing the lid on the cleanout. If you see any water inside, there is a clog somewhere in the main sewer line. Contact your commercial plumber right away to come and analyze the situation.

3. Draining takes time, and backups happen frequently

Drains should work quite quickly to keep things as dry as possible. However, if you notice that the drain is not functioning as effectively or that water is coming out of the drain, there is a clog somewhere. While it might be just one drain, backups and slow draining in many different areas at once can mean that the main sewer line is clogged up. Have a plumber inspect the drain for any problems to ensure you are not dealing with a minor issue.

4. The smell of sewage is apparent from plumbing fixtures

As we all know, sewage stinks, and you will be able to immediately tell if such a smell is coming out of your fixtures. Remember, there should be no smell, but if there is, then you might be dealing with a clogged sewer line backing up raw sewage. You will want to deal with this quickly; not only can the smell hurt the working environment, but it can pose a health risk to you and your staff. Contact a commercial plumber immediately to get rid of the smell and protect your health.


No one wants to deal with sewage problems. If you run into any plumbing issue, regardless of whether it is caused by a clogged main sewer line or a leak in one of your pipes, we highly recommend hiring an expert commercial plumber for the job. They will quickly identify the root cause of the issue and carry out appropriate repairs to ensure the plumbing system is back to full performance.

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