Plumbing Maintenance Tips Homeowners Should Know

Plumbing repairs typically cost between $175 and $450, but significant plumbing issues might cost much more. Taking care of your plumbing may help you avoid typical problems like leaks and clogged drains, which require you to hire a plumber. The majority of plumbing repair jobs are easy enough for anybody to perform on their own.

Regular plumbing maintenance might protect you from needing to seek an emergency plumber by doing a simple “plumbers near me” search. When it comes to needing emergency repairs, you’re probably looking at water damage and a much greater repair fee. It is critical to prevent problems and detect them early.

Continue reading to find out what plumbing maintenance activities you should be performing.

Look for Water Leaks

Do you have any wet spots on your ceiling? An invisible water leak can be caused by your toilet, irrigation system, or dishwasher. You can check for water leaks by looking for wet spots on your ceilings, behind and under your sinks, or under your dishwasher.

Check your toilet for leaks by filling it with water. If you have a leak or an issue with your flapper, the water will start to overflow, and you’ll hear a running sound. You can also turn off the water and put food colouring in the tank. If it turns the water in the bowl blue, you’ve got a leak.

Stop an Overflowing Toilet in Its Tracks

If you see that your toilet is overflowing or the flapper won’t close, the gasket may need replacing. You can lift the tank lid and look at the gasket or go behind your toilet and check the flapper. You’ll also want to look at the chain that activates the flapper. If there are any cracks or gaps, replace the chain.

Clear a Blocked Toilet with Soap

If your toilet is clogged, don’t pour chemicals down it. That could cause even more damage. Instead, you can use a bucket and some dish soap. A plunger should work if the water drains back into the bowl. Otherwise, pour some hot water down the toilet, or pour a mixture of hot water and dish soap into the toilet bowl. You may have to flush again.

Check Shut-Off Valves

If you run into a problem with your plumbing fixtures—such as a leaky faucet or running toilet—it could be a problem with a shut-off valve. You can check these valves for dripping water and for leaks. You’ll want to check the valves periodically to ensure they’re functioning properly.

Inspect Your Water Heater

You can check your water heater to ensure the temperature is around 120 degrees. If it’s not, it could be a sign that your heater is going out. The thermostat on the heater is one of the most common causes of water heater issues. You can also check the pressure relief valve. If the valve leaks, it could be a sign that the tank is cracked or damaged.

Check Your Sump Pump and Have It Cleaned

You can check your sump pump and have it cleaned to reduce the risk of water backup in your basement. Inspect the pump to ensure it’s not clogged and that there’s no water around it. You should also check the float switch and change the sump pump’s strainer.


Water is a big part of life—plumbing and everything else. While having the right tools can make your life easier, you can still do a lot of the plumbing maintenance tasks on your own. It’s also important to do any plumbing maintenance as quickly as possible, no matter the task size. The longer you wait, the bigger the problem can grow.

Should an incident come in, don’t hesitate to call in an emergency plumber. Here at Bromac Mechanical, you’ll be assisted by a licensed residential or commercial plumber with experience in aiding Abbotsford homes and properties through the smoothest plumbing repair services. Call 604-360-2710 for a quote or a request for emergency services.

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