Man using a drain snake on his clogged bathtub sink during a plumbing emergency

Our Guide to Fixing Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing problems are complicated enough to have in your home. However, it’s even more frustrating to have pipeline issues with your commercial establishment. Besides simply inconveniencing your personal utilities, these issues can compromise your workflow by angering tenants or disrupting staff. This is why it’s necessary to perform emergency solutions as soon as you can.

As a property owner, you must have adequate knowledge of basic home repair solutions. This includes anything from basic carpentry to simple plumbing. Having a general understanding of these issues can save you thousands of dollars in labour costs for minor signs of damage.

Dealing with Clogs and Drainage Issues

Blockages in pipes and drains are a common issue you’ll encounter now and then. No matter how many warning signs you put up for proper flushing etiquette, other people can still mess it up. This is why it’s vital to have the right tools to provide quick solutions before it becomes a significant problem.

If your property has an immediate plumbing emergency, here are three things you can do.

1. Use a Commercial Liquid Drain Cleaner

You can easily purchase a liquid drain cleaner from the grocery store and other retail centers. Since it’s easy to buy and store, it’s best to have a couple of gallons in stock for plumbing emergencies. Remember to follow the directions properly since some chemicals can be harmful in contact with your skin. If available, opt for environmentally friendly cleaners with enzymatic clog-eating microorganisms instead of heavy chemicals. It’s a better solution to avoid long-term damage to your pipes’ inner linings.

2. Unclog with a Drain Auger

If you don’t want to use a liquid solution, some tools can remove clogs and blockages. A drain auger is a flexible metal tube that can comfortably fit inside narrow drains. It has a wire head that cuts through clogs to loosen them, breaking them free from your pipes’ linings. Additionally, you can use the cutting head to drill through clogs as well. Drain auger products can range from a few feet long to over 50 feet in length.

Although the physical resistance makes it easier to check if the blockages have been managed, it can be dangerous to use inside vulnerable pipes. If you use too much force or if the blockage is too sticky, you could dislodge or misalign your pipes. This can create a bigger issue for you in terms of professional repairs and expenses.

3. Apply Air Pressure

You can use different tools to apply air pressure for clog removal. A standard plunger can be the simplest solution for clogs. You can use it for toilets, sinks, and floor drains. It works by sealing air pressure that reaches down the drain, removing clogs through repeated suction.

If an average plunger isn’t enough, you can use a drain-cleaning system to dislodge clogs physically. These pressurized drain cleaners function similarly to plungers but utilize substantial amounts of compressed air.


Avoid using brute force to fix your property’s issues, especially if you’re unsure of the actual cause of damage. If your stop-gap repairs aren’t enough, it’s essential to know when to call experts. It’s important to contact emergency plumbers to address the issue immediately.

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