Mother and daughter washing dishes in kitchen, making sure to prevent clogged or blocked sink

Tips for Keeping Your Drains Free from Clogging and Buildup

Every homeowner who has ever experienced a plumbing situation that required them to call an emergency plumber knows how challenging it is to deal with clogged drains. When you don’t have the proper tools, let alone the knowledge on how to fix a drain, then it could put your plumbing system in a worse state over time to simply do a haphazard DIY job.

At first sight of a drainage problem, you should learn to take care of it immediately to avoid damaging your pipes. Remember, managing clogs prolongs the lifespan of your fixtures, helping you avoid facing unnecessary expenses due to overdue repairs—so it’s a must to do it immediately.

In fact, you can prevent clogs from occurring in your own ways. Keep reading below to find out simple and effective methods that eliminate clogging from happening in your drains.

Throw Your Food Away Properly

Although most homeowners know the rules about throwing out food in its correct place, some still tend to dump them in kitchen sinks. As a result, the leftover food on your plate ends up in the sink every time you wash the dishes—which can end up clogging your drainage as time goes by.

Even if you have a disposal unit in your kitchen, you should still avoid making a habit of flushing food down the drain. Failing to do your part leads your pipes to be covered with grease and grime, forming a buildup and turning into a troublesome clog that will require serious drain cleaning to clear up.

Incorporate a Drain Grate or Screen

Washing dishes in a kitchen sink with  a drain screen or grate

When you can’t prevent food from getting into your sink, the least you can do is install a drain grate or a screen at the bottom of the sink to serve as a barrier. As a result, any solid particles have no chance of clogging up your drain.

While food, hair, and other various particles remain on the surface of the grate or screen, liquid-based elements like oil, grease, and other toxic chemicals could still slip through. Don’t forget to clean out your grate or screen regularly to prevent contaminating your dishes each time you wash them.

Skip the Need for Chemical Solutions

Despite the chemical cleaners advertised on TV and in the market used for unclogging purposes, the acidic properties they contain won’t do well for your plumbing system. Your pipes could accumulate rust and pollute the water you use at home.

Utilizing chemical solutions can also create a clog, leading to leaks and ruining your piping’s overall condition. Once they have corroded, you have no choice but to call for emergency plumbing services to replace your pipes.

Comb Your Hair Before Taking a Bath

Besides your kitchen sink, your tub or shower drain also requires proper maintenance. If you want to avoid clogging up the sink with your hair every time you take a bath, you should make an effort to brush your hair beforehand. Doing so will prevent your loose hair from accumulating in the shower!


If you want to make the most out of your plumbing system at home, you have to guarantee you’re initiating the proper practices to prevent clogging and buildup in your drains and pipes. But on the off chance that your piping system undergoes damage, you should request plumbing services immediately to resolve the issue!

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