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7 Tips for Hiring a Plumber for Home Remodeling Projects

Few things in life can compare to the feel of crossing a milestone off your “to-do” list. It is this feeling that drives many to take on plumbing projects that they would otherwise call a professional for.

Many piping projects are simple and do not require a skilled professional. Most can be completed by the typical homeowner with a few hours and some elbow grease. However, if you want your plumbing to be professionally done during home remodeling, then there are a few tips you should know before you hire a plumber on your next plumbing project.

1. You Will Need a Well-Mapped Project

A project with a well-mapped plan will be easier to manage, especially if the project is a large one. A well-mapped plan will include the steps you will need to take and the materials that need to be purchased for the project. It will also include a list of your current plumbing system and a list of any remodeling projects that need to be completed before working on your plumbing.

Once you have a clear idea of your project and the plan in place, you will have an easier time discussing the project with your plumber.

2. Get a Quote Before The Work Begins

The first thing a plumber needs to know is how much it will cost to complete the project. Plumbing is not cheap, so you’ll want to know in advance what the project will cost you. By getting a quote from the plumber before work begins, you will have time to get more quotes on the project if you are uncomfortable with the amount of money you will have to spend.

3. Check the Plumber’s Province Licensing 

Make sure your plumber has a province-issued license before you hire them. A professional, licensed plumber will be more likely to complete the project correctly the first time around. This is extremely important if you are hiring your plumber for a home remodeling project.

4. Outline Your Estimates 

If you are hiring a plumber for a project with an estimate, give the plumber an outline of your project with any expectations for the work to be completed in a specific timeframe. You should also include a list of people that need to be involved in the project and when they need to be involved.

This will help the plumber get an understanding of your expectations for the project and give them the tools they will need to complete the project.

5. Choose A Plumber With The Right Resources

You might not know this, but plumbing is not as simple as some people make it out to be. Plumbers need to have the right tools and materials to complete the project you want completed. You should choose a plumber that has access to the tools and materials you will need for your project.

6. Obtain a Plumbing Permit 

Not all plumbing projects require a plumbing permit, but if you are remodeling your home or building a new home, you will need a plumbing permit. This is especially important if you are building a new home. The plumber you choose will need to apply for a plumbing permit on your behalf. This will ensure you stay on top of the project and that the plumber stays on top of the project.

7. Follow Up With A Written Contract 

A written contract with an outline of the work to be completed will help to protect you from any unexpected costs. The contract should be signed by both parties and should outline the cost, time, and any other conditions of the project. This will help to avoid any legal issues that could arise from the project.


You should not feel like you do not know what you are doing when it comes to plumbing. If you take these tips into consideration, you will be able to hire the right plumber. However, hiring one for a home remodeling project is not always the right decision. If you are not sure if the project is too big for you to handle, then you may want to consider calling in the pros. A professional plumber will help you avoid any costly errors and make the project complete in a timely manner.

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