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The Frequency and Consistency of Cleaning Your Drains

Plumbing problems that cause a flood of messy water to pour through your property can be a major headache. Here are some of the most common reasons that sewers become blocked and add to your stress: hair, grease, plant roots, kitchen scraps, and flooding due to collapsing sewer lines.

It is not uncommon to overlook these concerns during regular maintenance checkups. For one thing, it’s easy to overlook the fact that they are quite costly to service. When they do break down, however, they are known to cause costly damage. Many people aren’t aware that these drains can be easily maintained.

Determining If Your Drains Are Clear

Rarely something will prevent a sink, shower, or toilet from draining away water. However, if you have an issue with water draining into your sink or toilet bowl in a state of reduced flow, or if you notice that your toilet, shower, or bathtub is filling up more quickly than usual, you might have a buildup of fats, oils, and grease in the pipes that could cause clogs to form. If this happens when you dispose of food waste, the problem might be especially bad. Over time, not removing this debris can cause your home to flood, breaking your sink and potentially damaging your appliances.

Cleaning Your Drain Blockages

If you find that your toilet is often clogged, and you cannot use a plunger, a chemical solution, or any other do-it-yourself methods to fix it, you may need to have the pipe that leads from the main sewage line to your house cleaned by a plumber. This service is called hydro jetting, named after the specialized piece of equipment that the plumber uses to clean the pipes. The high-pressure sprayer can clear any blockages so that water will be able to flow freely through the pipes.

Checking the Efficiency of Your Drains

Drain pipes that clog frequently may have structural issues. As it ages, the insides can become rough, or the pipe material can collapse or be penetrated by roots. Sewers are also replaced as homes and buildings age. Orangeburg drains, aluminum gutters, and other aging materials may need attention. When a pipe clogs frequently, professional cleaning is often required. A licensed plumber may be able to determine the cause of the issue and suggest a solution.

The Art of Commercial Drain Cleaning

Commercial properties, such as restaurants and laundromats, experience more frequent use than homes because more people use them more often. This can lead to problems with the drain lines. In order to prevent the clogs and backups that can occur due to wastewater buildup, it is advisable to schedule maintenance.

In order to clear blockages in commercial drain lines, your professional plumber will use a camera capable of seeing inside the pipe. This process allows the plumber to detect a structural flaw or roots growing into the pipe. If necessary, your plumber can fix your drain lines using trenchless technology. This method uses equipment to reline or replace defective pipe sections in your home or business. Due to the less invasive nature of trenchless work, it is possible for your plumber to fix your drain lines without digging up your lawn.


Overall, if your home’s plumbing is in need of some love and attention, first consider your budget. Every homeowner has a certain amount of disposable income they can allocate to home maintenance. The next factor to consider is the current condition of your home’s plumbing. If you haven’t had your drains cleaned or inspected in years, having a professional take a look may be a good idea.​

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