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Everything You Need to Know About Sewer System Backups

A sewer system is a complicated network of pipes and fixtures that needs to be in top shape to consistently provide water quality of a certain standard. It operates by gathering accumulated waste from households and establishments and is sanitized with an array of wastewater treatments before it goes back into the cycle.

If in case the process isn’t fulfilled and something stands as blockage, you may need to call help from a professional. Doing so ensures your lines are repaired right away and keeps any further damage from occurring. The moment sewage can’t make it past the plumbing, water and waste will force its way through the drains and you’ll find yourself in a very unpleasant situation: a sewer system backup.

Below, we’ve provided more information regarding everything you need to know about a sewer system backup.     

What is a Sewer System Backup?

A sewer system backup occurs when the waste that has been flushed down the drain is unable to pass through the system, leaving objects stuck to each other or on the pipes’ linings.

It causes a clog that brings all the wastewater and unwanted sewage back up to your drains, into your house. A sewer system backup not only ends up being troublesome to fix but also affects your health if it’s left untreated.

Here are a few things that can cause sewer system backups:

4 Reasons That Cause Sewer System Backups

1. Uncontrollable Clogging

Your sewage system can become congested due to numerous sources. The hair in the shower, the leftover food that you throw away in the sink, the grease and oil that has built up over time, the toilet paper that gets flushed continuously down, and more can accumulate, preventing other waste from effectively passing through your pipes.

2. Damaged Pipes

Nothing lasts forever, and that includes pipes made of firm materials. Unfortunately, they too will end up wearing away after years of use. These pipes can end up cracking and deteriorating and can only be investigated with the help of an expert who provides leak detection services. If you don’t replace your pipes right away, a sewer system backup could occur.

3. Irregular Framework

Another reason for a sewer system backup is due to the unstable architecture. Especially if your gutters, downpipes, and sump pumps are joined together and attached to a sewer line. The moment your house goes through a storm or heavy snowfall, your sewer system will be affected due to the impact of uncontrollable water. Sanitary sewer systems are generally unfit to overcome the extreme pressure of the water and will only result in a backup.

4. Avoiding a Sewer System Backup

Practicing mindful steps to keep your sewer system from clogging is helpful to prevent a backup from occurring. These steps include placing a hair stopper over your shower drain to avoid clumps of hair from slipping through the sewers or avoiding unnecessary flushing of objects in the toilet except for tissue paper.

You can also consider throwing away scraps of food into the garbage before going ahead with washing the dishes. These are all steps you can take to ensure your plumbing system is in good condition. 


Besides taking precautionary measures, you should also consider maintenance and regular inspections led by an expert plumber to guarantee that there’s no sewer system backup needed, and everything is under control.

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