Do You Need a Regular Camera Inspection of Plumbing Issues?

Without causing a mess, a plumbing camera inspection can readily uncover specific plumbing concerns. The cameras can get the exact position of a plumbing problem exceeding your reach. The inspection ensures your plumber can get to the bottom of the problem and find a solution quickly and efficiently. 

The video inspections are accurate and do not need a lot of time and effort to do. Your hired plumber does not have to go through the walls to get to your pipes. They will use a flexible rod to maneuver through the plumbing system with the camera. 

Keep reading below to learn about what a camera plumbing examination can help you with.

Pipe Bellying

Clogs and poor water pressure are a few issues that pipe bellying can cause in your plumbing system. Your pipes sag, creating a slope in the middle where sediment builds over time. Drooping lines will prevent adequate water flow and cause problems with pressure.

Dirt and other trash can settle in the sagged area of your sewer lines and cause clogs if pipe bellying occurs. In addition, the garbage confined in the sewer lines may degrade and emit odours.

Where the pipe thins out and produces fractures and holes, pipe bellies can be hotspots for corrosion. Routine video inspections by your plumber can help you see potential sags before they become a problem. A plumber can quickly visualize the degree of the sag and come up with a suitable action plan by employing a camera.

Pipe Clogging

The accumulation of garbage and dirt in your plumbing system causes clogged pipes. Most homeowners may employ harsh chemicals to try and dissolve the solid trash. The trouble is that doing so can damage your pipes and lead to more significant issues in the long term. 

A camera inspection can assist in determining the exact location of a blockage and the source of the problem. This video assessment might also reveal why your home’s drains are clogged or slow. Your plumber can now tell you how to get rid of the buildup and avoid it in the future.

Benefits of Routine Video Inspection 

  • You can retrieve belongings you have misplaced in the drains or sink when washing dishes. If the item is still in the pipes after the video camera is snaked through them, plumbers can locate it.
  • One of the most outstanding advantages of these cameras is detecting blockages in pipes that you would otherwise miss. The clog may be further down if the drain is running slowly. It can also catch debris at pipe connections and sharp twists.
  • A wide range of things can make up a clog in a sewage system, and a camera inspection would help you figure out which drain cleaning procedure is best.
  • A leak in the line is another typical plumbing issue that can cause a lot of harm. It is not always easy to find these breaks and it is in this situation that video-camera services can come in handy. 
  • Regular camera inspection helps to keep your lawn safe. Before this technology, the only way to check for a leak in a sewage line was to dig a deep trench through a property’s lawn to look for a crack or hole. This process potentially destroys your grass and shrubs.


Inspections using video cameras take only a few minutes and provide you with peace of mind from knowing that everything is working as it should. They are methods worth investing in to ensure the quality of your plumbing system.

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