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Debunking The 3 Most Common Plumbing Myths

Attaining your dream home is undeniably special, especially given the fact that not everyone is financially capable of such a milestone. It’s an exciting time, but many homeowners fail to anticipate the challenges of having their own home—such as the possibility of running out of water, coming home to a flooded bathroom, or dealing with an odour they simply cannot trace.

Your plumbing system can indeed be troublesome, but if properly maintained, you’ll lead a quiet and comfortable life—with clean running water always accessible. A huge part of your task as a homeowner involves the necessity to learn more about plumbing, particularly when it comes to myths and misconceptions.

Doing so allows you to stay away from costly mistakes and unwanted surprises, ensuring that your water and drainage systems remain well-functioning. Without further ado, here are some plumbing myths to stop believing now:

Plumbing Myth #1: Flushable wipes are safe to flush down the toilet

Although flushable wipes are marketed as such, it’s important to remember that they can lead to irreparable damage to your plumbing system. They can easily block your property’s pipes, eventually leading to a burst that could affect the entire neighbourhood. Simply put, flushable wipes aren’t flushable, regardless if they’re baby wipes or biodegradable.

Keep in mind that they still contain plastic, meaning that they simply do not melt away like toilet paper—even when left floating in water for long periods. You can also risk affecting the natural ecosystems, especially since these wipes will eventually find their way into the ocean to be eaten by marine animals.

Plumbing Myth #2: Bleaching tablets should be used to clean the toilet

Although bleach is an undeniably powerful cleaning agent, the substance should never sit in your toilet for longer than 10 minutes. Given its properties, you risk damaging the surface of your toilet bowl, causing it to break down in months. It can also affect the other working systems of the toilet, effectively forcing you to replace and purchase a new one.

It’s best to use bleach sparingly, preferably once every week for no longer than 10 minutes. You’ll want to save money and the hassle of costly replacements, so clean with caution!

Plumbing Myth #3: It’s entirely possible to handle all plumbing issues on your own

Certain plumbing repair jobs, such as leaky faucets, can be fixed with just a few simple tools and techniques. However, not all concerns can be done in the DIY style. Plumbers exist for a reason, and that’s to address your home concerts and prevent them from escalating further.

Clogged toilets, faulty sinks, and even flooded basements need the help of a professional. It may be tempting to just save money for now, but such mistakes can end up costing you more than necessary in the long run. It’s best to leave your local plumbing company’s contact number well within reach—you never know when the next issue will crop up!

Enlist the Help of Residential Plumbing Services

Your plumbing system can perhaps be regarded as the most important part of your home. Nothing quite compares to the luxury of coming home to clean water for showers and baths, without the worries of leaking and clogging. It’s best to remain educated regarding your home’s plumbing, so make sure to keep this quick guide in mind!

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