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Broken Water Heater: Should I Get it Repaired or Replaced?

Hot water heaters are essential pieces of equipment in your home. If yours stops working, it can leave you without hot water for daily chores like bathing, laundry, and washing dishes. 

You’re understandably upset when this happens, but before you get frustrated and buy a new one, consider your options. Is it time to trash it and buy a new one, or is it worth considering other possibilities?

To Repair or to Replace?

The biggest question most people ask is whether they should repair or replace their boiler. There are cases when it’s best to get it replaced; this is usually when you can’t fix the water heater properly. 

There are instances when repairing it is a good choice, like when the water heater is currently working, but the repair is relatively easy. Regardless of your decision, you should consider the following factors:


Water heaters are not cheap, especially if using an older model. On the other hand, replacement costs can vary and are often more expensive than fixed jobs.

Time and Effort 

Featheredged repair jobs may take more time and effort, although some may be completed in a matter of minutes and only require a small amount of expertise.

Cost of Labor and Parts

More complex fixes cost more, but then replacement repairs cost more too. Plus, you need to consider the сost of parts. For example, the replacement parts of an older model might cost more than the whole water heater.

Your Skill Level

If you are not a handyman, you need to ask the help of someone who knows how to fix the boiler correctly. Don’t replace it just because you want to save the cost of labour. Get the parts and do it yourself if you think you can do it.

Your Comfort Level

While most fixes are more complex than repairing a refrigerator, you can still complete the job yourself if you have the right tools. It’s best to educate yourself about water heaters to have a better idea if you can handle it.

Your Safety

Water heaters are not dangerous when working. However, it still carries risks. If you’re not familiar with working with electricity and water, hiring a professional is safer.

So What Should You Do?

Getting professional help is always the best option, especially if you don’t know much about water heaters and boiler repairs. Some professionals do water heater repair all the time to do it in a short amount of time and with ease. You should consider calling a professional if you want the job done right. Plus, they usually have all the equipment and tools needed to get the job done safely and correctly.


To cut a long story short, repairing an old water heater is not impossible. It’s just not easy. You will need a lot of time and effort before calling it a success. The more modern and advanced the water heater is, the easier it is to fix. The best choice is still to call in a professional who can fix it in a short amount of time.

If your water heater is already beyond repair, you need to get a new one to keep your home functioning smoothly. You need to consider the cost of parts and labour and other factors like availability, efficiency, and comfort. There are instances when it’s better to get a new one, but if you’re still unsure, you should consult a professional to help you make the right decision.

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