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A Risky Pipe Problem: Backflow and Your Water Supply

There is no other incident that requires emergency plumbing repairs more than a backflow issue. Such cases should not be taken lightly; in fact, this problem is as bad as a blown pipe. Aside from the fact that it may lower your water pressure, it can also put you and your family at risk!

While the chances of it occurring on average is fairly low, the level of risk that comes with it is pretty high. You may have heard of incidences wherein people would be rushed to the hospital due to the effects of backflow!

To further understand the risk, we first need to understand what backflow is.

What Is Backflow and Why Is It Dangerous?

Backflow occurs when there is an uneven amount of water pressure in your pipes. This imbalance would push dirty water towards your potable water, contaminating it in the process. This is a health hazard, as tainted water is known to contain many forms of bacteria that may cause illnesses!

Aside from that, the opposite flow of dirty water may also bring in bad odour in your home, making it unfit for your family to stay in.

Are There Ways to Prevent Backflow?

Yes, there are! While there are some aspects of home repairs that can’t be avoided, the following are an efficient way for you to inspect for any signs of backflow. This is considered as a pre-emptive measure for you to prevent what would otherwise be a risky endeavour.

Determine the Weak Points in Your Pipeline

Which part of your pipelines would most likely be the starting point of the backflow? Ask the help of an expert plumber to determine which of your pipes should be replaced in order to prevent it from happening.

This may cost you a bit; however, the expense of paying for hospital bills due to water contamination is a lot higher in the long run!

Inspect All Your Water Sources

Your taps, your hose, and your showers—anything directly connected to your plumbing system can be at risk of backflow.

Detach your pest spray from your garden hose, as it can go straight to your clean water supply. The same goes for your fertilizer sprays, which are also a definite health hazard once it reaches your potable water.

Purchase a Few Backflow Preventers for Your Pipes

Backflow preventers are designed to push your water supply towards one direction while at the same time preventing it from making a reverse flow back into your home. If you do not have the skill to install backflow preventers, you may employ the help of plumbers to place them for you.

Take note that backflow preventers come in various sizes, so analyze your pipe sizes first before making any purchase.


Backflow can be a huge health risk if left unchecked. Aside from getting tainted water in your potable supplies, it can also bring in putrid odour that can cause other illnesses as well. Get the help of a plumber at the first sign of a backflow, check for any weak points in your pipelines, and have a few backflow preventers mounted to ensure a safe and thirst-quenching water supply.

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