Sewer inspection using a camera

All You Need to Know About Sewer Camera Inspections

In any home, it’s common knowledge that the property’s functionality and the quality of life that those living in it can expect greatly depends on the systems that run within it.

Regardless if you’re living in a bungalow, condominium, mansion, apartment, or duplex, it’s guaranteed to have a handful of different systems, pipes, and assemblies that heavily influence its functionality. In particular, we’re referring to different aspects of the home like your HVAC system, plumbing, wiring, and other related parts that are integral by all means.

Among the different systems that you have in your home, one of the most essential and impactful ones that can hamper your living experience or keep it smooth and hassle-free is your sewage. However, this specific home system’s main problem is that not enough people know about it well enough to keep everything in great shape or prevent rising problems, which is where sewer camera inspections come in.

What are sewer camera inspections?

Often, the idea of getting a sewer camera inspection comes whenever there are problems like nasty odours or clogged drains that begin to pop up two feet below your home’s foundation.

In other words, sewer camera inspections are a procedure that involves a special camera that a plumber uses to diagnose issues in your sewer. Comprised of a special head that’s connected to a flexible cable, the tool in question helps a work-grade camera through the different pipers of a system to conduct an unsightly ocular of sorts.

As your plumber snakes the cameras through your pipe and provides an in-depth look at what’s going on internally, the view is fed to a monitor at ground level that displays the insides of your system. Based on what the professional sees, several solutions will be applied to remedy the predicament so that you stop experiencing the issue in the first place.

What can these inspections do?

Although sewer camera inspections can’t locate leaks (for various reasons like location and pipe thickness), they’re capable of performing a host of other tasks. If you call Bromac Mechanical’s team of experts to start looking through your pipes, here are a few key end-results that you can expect to experience once we get to work:

1. System type determination

When a plumber puts a camera in your home’s sewage system, they get a full view of how everything works and what format or layout is followed from point to point. Through the use of the information provided with the visual inspection, a professional will be able to determine what type of system your home uses so that an apt solution is administered!

2. Line location

When it comes to solving a specific problem, it is critical to first locate where it’s taking place before administering any action or solution. Once a plumber gets their camera in your plumbing and does a thorough inspection of every foot of pipe, it will be much easier to pinpoint the problem area and get to work without unnecessary and costly repairs!


In any home that experiences a plumbing problem that requires the utmost care and attention, the most effective solution to understanding the issue at hand is a sewer camera inspection. Through the help of our dependable experts, you’ll be able to avoid spending a fortune on a small issue that can be remedied before it grows bigger!

Do you need the services of expert residential plumbing services in Abbotsford, BC? Our experts at Bromac Mechanical use a sewer camera to inspect any plumbing problems you may have to get the job done in a top-quality fashion. Get in touch with us today and see what we can do for you!

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