Drain in a bathroom that requires a cleaning to prevent clogging

The Main Advantages of High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

When dealing with a sewage line or main drain that has a clog that cannot be removed using plunging, snaking, or any other method, high-pressure drain cleaning, also known as hydro jetting, is frequently the most effective approach. The components that make up a hydro jetting system are as follows: a big water tank, a pressurization device, a high-pressure hose, and a high-strength nozzle.

After the hose has been secured in position, water under a significant amount of pressure is shot into the pipes to completely flush out any and all debris. After receiving hydro-jetting service, pipes are left in pristine condition, just as they were installed on the first day.

What Are Its Main Benefits?

1. It Is Quick

High-pressure drain cleaning is superior to other methods in terms of how quickly it can remove obstructions. Drains that are snaked can be a time-consuming process that, at best, only creates a few small holes in the obstruction. Even more time-consuming is the process of manually removing a clog from a pipe, which involves taking the pipe apart. The hydro jetting process is efficient and eliminates the whole clog in a short amount of time.

2. It Is Efficient

Drains and sewer systems are vulnerable to difficult obstructions that can be caused by debris, such as sediment, soap residue, lipids, and grease. This thick muck is extremely difficult to remove using the more conventional methods for drain cleaning. High-pressure cleaning can be used to remove obstructions from drain lines and ensure that they are fully cleaned when performed by a qualified operator.

3. It Is Safe

High-pressure drain cleaning should be used to clear drains and sewer systems in the most risk-free manner possible. There is no use of cumbersome machinery or hazardous chemicals in this process. The usual chemicals used for drain cleaning can be harmful if inhaled or eaten and can also irritate the skin and the eyes. When performed by a skilled professional, hydro-jetting is a method that does not provide any health risks.

4. It Is Eco-Friendly

The cleaning of drains using high pressure is not harmful to the surrounding ecosystem. Harsh chemicals, which can leak into groundwater and soil, are typically used in liquid drain cleaners. Because it solely employs a high-pressure stream of water, hydro jetting is able to break through obstructions and clear out pipelines without causing any damage to the surrounding environment.

5. It Is Less Invasive

Cleaning drains using high-pressure water jets does not harm the property and is significantly less invasive than other drain repair methods, such as excavating a yard to gain access to a sewer line or opening a wall to replace plumbing lines. No heavy-duty equipment is needed here, and neither excavating nor drilling is permitted.

6. It Is Effective against Any Blockage

When subjected to the appropriate level of high pressure, water is able to destroy the majority of roots, dissolve obstructions, and remove tenacious grease and soap buildup from within drain pipes and sewer lines.

7. It Eliminates Odors

Regular drain cleaning helps eliminate odours caused by debris, such as food particles, hair, oils, and other types of debris that accumulate in the pipes. The dirt is removed during high-pressure drain cleaning, resulting in cleaner air in the kitchen as well as the bathroom.


Overall, if you have frequently blocked drains, slow drains, or bad odours coming from them, you might consider hiring a professional to clear them with a hydro jet. These are the common warning indicators that point to a more major issue that can only be resolved using solutions designed for professionals.

A skilled plumbing technician will perform a video check of the pipes and sewage line before hydro jetting services are begun on the property. This inspection will help in determining the severity of the blockage, locating its exact location, and checking for any damaged pipes.

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