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7 Things You Must Not Flush Down the Toilet – What to Know

Did you know that there are only three things allowed to flush down your toilet? For your reference, these are the three P’s—pee, poo, and paper! Yes, only urine, feces, and toilet paper should go down the drain.

Unfortunately, many households turn their toilets into a trash bin by disposing of personal care and hygiene products, household items, and so much more. Furthermore, many fail to realize how doing so will easily clog their toilet and cause a backup, leading to nasty damages and costly repairs.

If you want to avoid such unsightly situations, here are seven everyday items that must not get flushed down your toilet:

1. Hair strands

It’s easy to see hair strands get accumulated in the shower area or even in the toilet itself. Unfortunately, many households collect and flush them down the toilet. As a result, they get stuck in your pipes leading to unwanted clogs. Keep in mind that your hair doesn’t dissolve at all.

2. Baby wipes

Many members aren’t wary of disposing of their baby wipes in the toilet. They are often under the impression that these items are flushable, especially those that are labelled as such. What many don’t know is that they don’t disintegrate the way toilet papers do. As a result, they cause clogs and lead to plumbing issues.

3. Paper towels and tissues

Sure, paper towels and tissues may look like in the same family of toilet paper. For this reason, you are confident at flushing them down your toilet. But before you do so, know that they aren’t like toilet papers that are designed to break down. The advised alternative is to toss them into the wastebasket instead!

4. Cotton products

Flushing cotton products down your toilet is a big no-no. Whether cotton balls, cotton pads, or Q-Tips, they do not break down at all. The chances are that they will clump together and form a massive solid that can clog your pipes.

5. Diapers

As diapers are meant to absorb water, it’s not surprising that they don’t break down in the water. If you keep on flushing them down your toilet, you’ll have to deal with its aftermath—potential plumbing damages and costly repairs or replacements!

6. Menstrual products

Similar to the previous point, even menstrual products aren’t allowed down the toilet. Whether tampons or menstrual pads, they should be properly disposed of. Like diapers, they absorb water, expand, and should be thrown in a bin!

7. Medications

Medications like old pills, tablets, and capsules do not go well in the pipes. Not only do they cause clogging, but they can also lead to environmental harm due to their chemicals. That said, be sure to throw them in the wastebasket if you need to get rid of them.


At this point, you now know the seven common household items that get flushed down the toilet. Be sure to avoid throwing all these if you don’t want to have some plumbing problems. As mentioned, only three things are allowed, so be mindful of the three P’s—pee, poo, and paper. Ultimately, proper waste disposal and taking the utmost responsibility makes all the difference in taking care of your toilet and pipes!

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