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5 Signs Your Old Plumbing System Needs to be Replaced

Living in a house that’s been with your family for generations is something to be proud of. You’re practically living in a property that’s also a part of your entire family’s legacy. However, that also means that some parts of your home may need to be maintained, repaired or replaced more than living in a brand new home. Your home’s plumbing, in particular, could have some problems due to how old it is. Here are some signs that your home’s old plumbing may need to be replaced.

Water Pressure Is Down to a Trickle

When you shower in the morning, does it take a long time for the water to heat up to a comfortable temperature? If you watch the news and your favourite program, does it take a really long time to fill a glass of water? These are signs that your home’s plumbing is beginning to fail. It’s not uncommon for old plumbing to have issues with the water pressure. If your water pressure is very low, you could end up having problems with water leaking through cracks in the walls, which could have disastrous results. Check your water pressure in the morning and evening to see if it is consistently low. If it is, it’s time to call a plumber.

You Get Rusty Water from your Faucet

When you turn on a faucet, do you see rust and dirt coming out of it? Do you see a coloured ring around your bathtub and sink after you take a bath or shower? It’s not uncommon for older plumbing to cause rust or filth to appear in your piping. If you can see the rust stain when water is not running through your pipes, it may be time to replace the pipes.

Premature Leakage

Have you noticed that your water bills are much higher than they should be? Have you heard the water running when no one is home? If your water bills are high and you’re hearing running water when you know for sure that no one is using any water, it’s time to call a plumber. This could be a sign of a leaky pipe, which can mean that you’re not using the water that you’re paying for. It can also mean that your plumbing is failing, leading to a leak in your home that can cause serious damage.

Noisy Pipes Keep You Up at Night

If you hear the pipes in your home rattle and clang when you turn on a tap or even when you’re not using it, this could be a sign that your plumbing is rusted or cracked. As your pipes get older, they tend to wear out and become much quieter. If you notice that your pipes are making noise, it means that they are failing, which may cause leaks and other issues.

Foul Smell Whenever You Turn on the Tap

Older pipes tend to deteriorate and create a foul smell. The smell could be coming from a drain that’s clogged, or it could be coming from the pipes themselves. A foul odour coming from your plumbing is no fun at all. It may be time to replace your piping if you have to put up with this smell on a regular basis.


Older piping tends to be weaker, more prone to leaks and may have some issues with water pressure. If your old piping seems to be giving you problems, it may be time for a new plumber to install a new water supply and piping for your home.

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