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5 Signs Indicating a Need for a Heating Boiler Replacement

The boiler may be the most underappreciated appliance in most homes. Although it serves the purpose of keeping people warm and cozy through the cold winter months, there will come a time when they will require a replacement. Machines will inevitably experience wear and tear after years of continuous use.

Before a boiler entirely breaks down, there will always be signs that hint that the time is near and the homeowners should do something about it. As soon as the symptoms show, it might be the best time to consider buying a new unit for replacement.

1. The Boiler Is Too Old

An average boiler should only be in service for 15 years. Meanwhile, those made out of cast iron can last 20 to 30 years more. Routinary maintenance and quality checks may allow boilers to work for a few more years than their limit. But over time, it might require more frequent repairs and inspections, which will cost owners more money in the long run.

Additional costs from yearly maintenance and frequent repairs should be enough to consider changing the whole unit itself. A newer unit should give you peace of mind that the machine will not malfunction and leave everyone in the household cold for a few days.

2. Replacement Parts Are More Difficult to Find

Machines are constantly changing and getting better every year. Boilers are also getting a few upgrades from manufacturers from time to time. In those upgrades, companies might change out a few parts to improve the boilers’ performance. Therefore, if the boiler you currently have has parts that are already phased out, it may be more challenging to find replacement parts if it breaks down.

Switching to a new boiler can be expensive. However, imagine all the money wasted from repairs and the expenses it will take to find a replacement part that’s no longer available in the market. Add all those, and you’ll get almost the same price for a new boiler.

3. Increased Fuel Bills

Higher fuel bills can be signs that it’s time to change the boiler units at home. A sudden increase on the monthly statement can either mean the supplier has increased their rates, or the boiler that’s working non-stop is consuming more fuel than it used to. Older heating systems tend to use more energy than those in the market with energy-saving features. Upgrading to a modern energy-efficient boiler may even save you at least 30 percent on your energy bills monthly.

4. Longer Time to Heat Up

Besides that, older boilers use more energy. Of course, if the water temperature doesn’t get too hot anymore, that’s a sign to get a new unit right away.

5. Unusual Noises

A boiler isn’t meant to make unusual noises. As soon as you hear rattling, squealing, or banging as soon as it turns on, it’s time to either call for repairs or change the unit overall. The issue might be fixed the first time you’ll call a repair service. However, if it repeatedly produces unusual noises, then it’s time to let it go.


Machines are built to last. However, if they’re exhibiting signs of wear and tear or damage, then it may be time for an upgrade. But before buying a new unit right away, make sure to ask a repair service company to check the machine first and confirm that a new one might be needed.

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