5 Common Signs That You Might Need Hydro Jetting Service

When severe blockages occur in your sewage and drain systems, traditional drain cleaning methods utilized to remove the usual clog will not even be effective. As a result, high-pressure hydro jetting is typically the best line of action for obstructions such as grease buildup, food particles, paper goods, and even tree roots.

To remove tree roots, you can’t just snake the drain as you would for your toilet. That requires the high water pressure generated by hydro-jetting, which demolishes severe obstructions while also cleaning the walls of your lines.

However, remember that it’s always advisable to request this service as soon as possible. After all, the last thing you need is a hazardous and pricey sewage spill on your hands.

Here are five common signs that you might need a hydro-jetting service:

1. Rusty Toilets or Tap Water

Another symptom of a tree root or other major obstruction in your line is a buildup of dust and dirt in your home’s water supply. Keep an eye out for this type of trash in your toilet or coming out from the faucet when you want to get a sip of water.

It’s essential to have an expert inspect your water source if the problem is accompanied by the unpleasant odour indicated above. Most likely, there’s a clog in your sewage and drain system that has to be cleared by hydro-jetting.

2. Toilets That Flush Slowly

Low water levels in the tank and mineral buildup in and around the bowl can cause delayed flushing. Clogs are another common reason for sluggish toilets. If only one toilet is blocked, it’s usually due to a blockage in the line connecting it to your more extensive plumbing system. However, if you’ve observed the toilets in your house flushing slowly, you may be facing a greater issue.

3. Continuous Drain Backup

Although backups are always a severe concern, they aren’t frequently a common occurrence. It’s why, if drains are constantly backing up in numerous regions of your home, it is critical to contact a plumber to determine the cause of the larger problem.

It is vital always to respond quickly whenever backups develop since, in the worst-case situation, you might wind up with toxic wastewater spilling from your drains. This usually occurs when there is a major clog in your sewage system, in which instance our crew will have to employ hydro jetting to clear it.

4. The Water Lines Full of Air Bubbles

Little blasts of air or bubbles might develop in your water lines when the air release valve is jammed. These bubbles may then move to the top position in your drainage system, causing corrosion and rust over time—creating a multi-faceted problem.

Unfortunately, you won’t see bubbles in your lines as you can with the other indicators listed above. Thankfully, an expert can readily examine your pipes to see whether air is building up to determine if hydro jetting can remove the clog.

5. Strange Toilet and Drain Smells

Odours can flow through your drains and toilets for various causes, as our skilled plumbers are well aware. However, if these odours continue, you may have a significant concern. A problem in your sewage system may go deeper than you think if you’ve checked for blockages and leaks and found none. Be extra cautious if you notice a persistent, rotten egg-like odour surrounding your home, as this might indicate a sewage leak.


If you want to hydro-flush your drains and pipes, get them examined by a professional plumber before you do so because older or broken pipes may be unable to handle the extra strain. Such a decision can only be reached after a comprehensive inspection has taken place on the premises.

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