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4 Signs of a Poor Plumbing Service – What You Can Do

It’s easy for us to contact any local plumber when we suddenly have a plumbing problem. The chances are that we immediately call a plumber when the pipeline bursts out, the water in the kitchen backs up, or the faucet starts to leak. When the plumber comes and does his work, we feel good and satisfied. Later on, we find out there are plumbing problems that begin to surface.

Here are four signs you’ve gotten poor plumbing services. Read below to know what it takes to hire a plumbing expert who can make a difference in your system.

  • Small leaks: For the most part, you hire a plumbing repair or maintenance to address water leaks. But when you still see small leaks after, that’s a sign that you have got mediocre plumbing work. Be wary of pitted fixtures, dark spots in the bottom cabinet, or dark streak below a faucet. They all indicate signs of small leaks.
  • Wobbly faucet, showerhead, or drain: Your plumbing fixtures are supposed to be stable. When they continue to move even after plumbing work, that’s a sign of poor installation. Be wary of a wobbly faucet, showerhead, or drain, as they may not have been properly mounted on the wall.
  • Loose-fitting joints: Plumbing joints are supposed to be fit and stable. If you have sloppy joints, you may be confronted with costly repairs and even replacements in the future. Check to see if there are glues or sealants all over the plumbing joints. Your inattentive plumber might have glued the joints haphazardly.
  • Caulks all over the place: Caulks should be properly measured and applied. If you see them all over the place, that’s a sign that your plumber has done the work haphazardly to hide any irregularity. Know that a plumbing expert does his job precisely.
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What to do to hire the best plumber

There is nothing more frustrating, disruptive, and inconvenient than experiencing a shoddy plumbing work. To avoid all these plumbing problems, you have to hire a highly reputable plumber in your locality. Here’s what you can do:

  • Get some recommendations from family, friends, or colleagues who have once gotten topnotch services.
  • Look for plumbing prospects online and check their credentials on their websites.
  • Check their track record of experiences and level of expertise.
  • Ask if they do have a license and insurance.
  • Check online reviews and get feedback from past clients.
At Bromac Mechanical, we pride ourselves on our numerous 5-star Google reviews. Our potential customers trust we will get the job done without any headaches.

By following the recommendations above, you’ll get the right plumber for your household needs, and you’ll be assured of quality plumbing work.


At this point, we’ve covered the signs of a poor plumbing service—small leaks, wobbly faucet, showerhead, or drain, loose-fitting joints, and caulks all over the place. 

When you hire an expert plumber, you are guaranteed to receive quality fixtures and fittings, and excellent plumbing work, whether installation, repair, or maintenance service. Overall, hiring an expert plumber can make a huge difference in your plumbing system. 

Do you have leaky faucets, or have your pipeline suddenly burst out? Don’t just call any local emergency plumber. Get in touch with our plumbers for top-notch service! We provide quick, transparent, and high-quality heating, air conditioning, and plumbing services in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

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