4 Reasons Why You Have Low Water Pressure Problems at Home

Having clean, running water is essential for any home. When you encounter problems with your pipes, it’ll be near impossible to accomplish anything in your daily tasks. On average, an American household uses 300 gallons of water daily, at about 40 to 45 pounds per square inch of water pressure. Should anything happen to your plumbing system, you need to find the root cause and start your repairs.

For instance, if you have water pressure problems, numerous things might have led to this undesirable situation. Here are some of the causes and what you can do to fix them.

1. You Have Clogged Pipes

When water problems occur at home, the first thing you may assume is that clogs start toward the drains. In reality, this is not the case. Clogs can show up even deep in the depths of your pipes, and even a minor clog can be more than enough to mess up the entire water system.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact space where the clogs are in your pipes. Plus, you can’t just go exploring pipes yourself. You can’t know if they’re contaminated or whether there are dangerous chemicals down the drain. Because it can be impossible to do it yourself, the best move is to call in a plumber.

2. Your Pipes Are Corroded

You may think that they are durable and meant to last forever, but pipes have their limitations. Eventually, usually after 20 years, galvanized steel pipes can suffer from corrosion. If you have copper pipes, you get around 50, while brass pipes offer durability for around 40 to 70 years.

If you have an older house, corrosion is a problem you will likely face soon. The main problem with this is that you can never see corrosion damage from the outside. What you need is to dig up records or schedule a consultation with your trusted plumbing experts.

3. Your Water Meter Valve Is Not Fully Open

The water meter valve is a part of your plumbing system controlled by the water company, so you can’t get access to it directly. Usually, the water meter valve is hard to locate, and some are even placed underground.

If you had repairs done in your home, you may contact your water company and ask if they’ve accessed the meter valve. They might have forgotten the water meter valve, and they might have failed to open it all the way. A quick adjustment will get everything working again in no time.

4. Your Pipes Are Leaking

If your basement is flooded, there is a very good chance that your pipes are leaking. However, it’s not the only sign of a leak. The damage can be a little more minor but still mess with your water pressure.

Should you have the chance to access your pipes, take a look around and see if you can spot leaks. First, turn off the water supply and search for the right spot. Then, try to find a way to patch it up for temporary relief. Of course, you still need the help of a plumber to handle everything and do a permanent fix.

Final Thoughts

Water pressure is a very important part of maintaining your home. If you want to keep water running as smoothly as possible, make sure that you keep your plumbing system in check. Commit to routine maintenance to avoid big problems, and should they arise, be ready to call your trusted plumbing experts.

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