Cold water coming out of a shower head due to faulty water heater

4 Hot Water Problems to Address Amid Winter: What to Know

Your water heater serves to provide you and your family with hot water to give you pleasant showers, particularly during the cold winter season. But nothing can be more frustrating than encountering some issues with your heating unit when you need it the most. The chances are that it doesn’t give out warm water or it doesn’t heat up at all. When confronted with this problem, you will need to repair or replace your unit so that it functions optimally.

In this article, we will share four common problems with your water heater that you may encounter during winter:

1. Not enough hot water

Your unit is supposed to heat your water and provide you with warm water for showering, cooking, cleaning, and other household applications. But nothing can be more frustrating than a heating system that doesn’t perform its job.

There are various reasons your heater doesn’t produce enough warm water. First, the problem may have to do with a problematic component like a malfunctioned thermostat or a defective gas control valve. Second, it may be brought by uninsulated pipes connected to your heating system used for water supply. Finally, the freezing temperature outside may have impacted your water heater itself.

2. No hot water at all

Having not enough water is one matter, and having no warm water completely is another. There are also many possibilities for this issue, so be sure to have it checked to see if it can still be repaired or if it needs to be replaced entirely.

For one, it’s possible that you already have a broken heating element. If you don’t see a resistance reading from this element, you may need to get it replaced. Two, the pilot may not be on due to a defective thermocouple in the control gas valve. The rule of thumb here is to have it checked and maintained every four years and if it’s already defective, have a water heater replacement immediately.

3. Irregular noises inside the tank

Listening to irregular noises emanating from your water heater tank can be alarming, and it should not be taken for granted at all. Sure, it may produce sounds from time to time, especially if the unit is on.

However, if you start hearing gurgling, rambling, or banging sounds, it may already have a problem that needs to be addressed right away. It’s possible that the tank may have gradually accumulated sediments that need to be disposed of. If left unattended for long periods, the problem can quickly escalate and result in a broken tank and a major leak.

4. Inconsistent water supply

Even your hot water supply coming from your heating unit may fluctuate from time to time. At one point, it’s giving you hot water; the next day, the water is frigid. If you’re experiencing an inconsistent water supply, it may be caused by water flow to and from the system and the gas supply meant to heat the water. If you cannot determine the root cause of the problem, an expert technician will be able to get to the bottom of the problem and troubleshoot the issue so that the unit will provide you with a consistent hot water supply!


At this point, we’ve covered four common hot water problems encountered during winter. If you are experiencing one or some of the common issues above, be sure to work with a professional plumber for its immediate repair. In the end, you must remember to get water heater maintenance before and after winter to ensure your unit is in top shape and working condition to satisfy your family’s needs!

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