Blue flame from a boiler system

4 Boiler Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Boiler in Check

If there is an investment that should make it to the list of most expensive investments ever made in your home, it should include your boiler system. Boilers aren’t cheap, and their job is vital to the comfort and operation of the building it is installed in.

To ensure that you do not keep purchasing new boilers because the old ones have broken down, you need to know how to maintain them properly. This way, you extend the lifespan of a boiler system for as long as possible, ensuring an efficient performance that not only continues to provide heat to the household but does so in the safest way possible.

With that in mind, here are some boiler maintenance tips you should carry out to keep your boiler in check:

1. Look at the Flame

If your boiler has a flame, know that the normal colour is blue. If you see any other colour that isn’t blue, such as a yellow or orange flame, it is a sign that something is wrong. It can be that the boiler may not be burning the fuel properly, causing a carbon monoxide leak somewhere, or dealing with any other problem. Regardless, any non-blue flame should be a warning sign, so make sure to hire a boiler technician to check the problem.

2. Run Annual Servicing

One of the best ways to ensure your boiler is in tip-top condition is to have annual servicing done on it. Working with a professional company that offers boiler maintenance can allow you to extend the boiler’s lifespan by catching problems before they worsen and preventing problems from happening in the first place.

As such, we highly recommend getting your boiler checked annually. This ensures everything about the boiler system is working as intended, with no problem hiding and waiting to cause a lot of trouble.

3. Clear Out the Ventilation

The boiler requires enough ventilation to perform as intended. Otherwise, it can block airflow, leading to various problems like the overheating of the boiler that results in inefficient burning of the fuel.

For this reason, you must keep the boiler clear of any objects around it. If you have an airing cupboard or box for the boiler, then make sure to make it easily accessible for maintenance purposes.

4. Keep an Eye Out for Leaks or Drips

A boiler isn’t supposed to leak or drip anywhere. If it does, there’s something wrong, especially around its pipe. A leaking pipe can mean that it has started to rust, which can also mean that the boiler needs to be changed.

Another cause of a leak is that the pressure in the boiler is too high. Regardless, if you see a leak or a drip, hire a professional to fix it—as soon as possible!


Apart from the tips above, there are many more you should follow to keep your boiler in the best condition possible. This includes checking the flue, balancing the radiators, repressurizing the system, and more. Some of these tips, such as checking the flame, are issues that can be fixed by yourself. Others, however, are better carried out by the experts.

That said, if you notice any problems with your boiler system, do hire professionals to fix it for you. Not only will they quickly identify the root cause of the issue, but they can carry out a fix that will last, ensuring your boiler stays in good shape for as long as possible.

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