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3 Sneaky Problems That Video Pipe Inspection Can Reveal

Unlike a typical residential plumbing system, your commercial establishment’s pipes see more action. With the number of people who use the facilities and the amount of disruption that plumbing issues would introduce to your operation, there is a need to do preventive maintenance that’s more urgent than with residential properties.

The difficulty with maintaining plumbing systems is that pipes are often kept out of sight and out of mind. This makes diagnosing emerging issues a time-consuming process—which is why many owners opt just to wait for the problems to progress until the issues can no longer be ignored.

To prevent this scenario from happening, it’s best to contact a plumbing company that offers video pipe inspection.

What happens in a video pipe inspection?

A video pipe inspection is an excellent way to visually inspect your pipes’ condition without physically accessing them. It involves inserting a small camera down your lines and letting it travel through your whole plumbing system.

In most cases, the camera will be at the end of a very long flexible rubber tube and hooked up to a console with a screen. The camera will come with a hook-like contraption that is similar to an auger or a snake to facilitate minor fixes or hook up small objects, like wedding rings and other small pieces of jewelry, that was accidentally flushed down your drain.

Using this method, a plumber can visually inspect even the most remote parts of your plumbing system until you hit the main sewer line. If the issue can be addressed using a snake or auger, there will be no need for expensive excavation. However, if a plumbing issue does require excavation to fix, a video pipe inspection allows you to discover the problem before it can cause further damage.

Here are three of the most common plumbing problems you can discover and address before things worsen.

1. Clogs

Clogged pipes are a widespread occurrence in commercial establishments. Tissue paper, wet pipes, and other objects regularly cause clogs in the bathroom, making for an unpleasant experience for everybody involved.

While some clogs can be fixed with simple tools, like a snake or auger, there will be times when heavier solutions, like a hydro jetting procedure, will be needed. The problem is a hydro jet can be significantly expensive—making it ideal for you to see the real situation before biting the bullet.

2. Tree Roots

Tree roots are always looking for sources of water and nutrition. This means that if even a small leak is present in your pipes, these snaking roots will enter your system and cause slow but significant damage.

A video pipe inspection will reveal if any tree roots are causing blockages in your pipes. In extreme cases, tree roots can break your lines, which means you’ll have to replace them immediately.

3. Joint Problems and Seal Cracks

Joint problems, such as intrusions caused by mismatched pipe sizes or misaligned pipes, can cause leaks or persistent clogs. Seal cracks can also introduce leaks.

These kinds of problems would never be visible to a plumber without a video pipe inspection, which means that you’ll be paying more for plumbing services as the main issues cannot be addressed.


With video pipe inspection, you won’t have to guess anymore what the particular issues are within your home. Aside from facilitating better repairs, video pipe inspection lets you save time and money by letting you see what’s really going on in your pipes.

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