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3 Reasons You Should Invest in Tankless Water Heaters

For many Abbotsford homeowners, one essential appliance that is worth every dollar and second spent—regardless of what property they live in—is a tankless water heater.

Although they were only introduced to the Canadian public no more than a decade ago, these resilient, capable, and dependable water heater options have become one of the most popular choices on the market. As opposed to standard tank-dependent heating units that were more of a struggle than a pleasure to deal with, many quickly opted for the new heater because of the various benefits it offers.

Whether you live in Chilliwack, Burnaby, Surrey, or Maple Ridge, you may have heard your neighbour, co-worker, or friend rave about how amazing tankless water heaters are. Now, as unstable as the idea of a simple water heater causing so much buzz and amazement may seem, you might have one question in mind: “What makes tankless water heaters so special?

Why tankless water heaters are worth every penny

Thanks to manufacturers’ continuous drive to improve their products in pursuit of flawless heating experiences, new tankless options are chock-full with benefits. If you want to switch up the way you enjoy warm, refreshing water at home but don’t know if making the switch to a tankless system is worth the risk, here are a few reasons that you should do so:

Benefit #1: They offer longevity at its finest

In comparison with their outdated, tank-dependent counterparts, tankless water heaters are a bang-for-your-buck option when it comes to longevity alone.

The main reason tankless options can achieve such an astounding level of longevity is that it comes with fewer components to deal with, uses better systems, and is made with high-quality materials. On average, a modern tankless water heater comes with a standard 10 to 15-year warranty and is rated to last at least two decades with proper care and maintenance. This is twice as long as those of traditional tank heaters!

Benefit #2: They do not give any cold showers

The main claim to fame that tankless water heaters use to build their name is that they have a much quicker way to create hot water by heating passing fluids instead of solely relying on a reserve tank.

On top of being much faster and more accessible, no one at home will have to retake a cold shower or wait for one bathroom to finish as modern tankless systems have a much higher distribution rate. This benefit means that you can have hot water in your sinks, tubs, dishwashers, and washing machines simultaneously without temperature drops because the system instantly generates heat!

Benefit #3: They are eco and wallet-friendly

With a tankless water heater, you won’t have to spend minutes waiting to generate a hot supply of water because it creates heat on demand. This essentially means that you will be using less water to generate more heat! Through the help of this system, you not only use less water (and help the environment), but you also get to lower your water and electricity bills because less time and less water needed cuts down your usage rates!


Although they may be a much newer option in the market, tankless water heaters yield an abundance of benefits for any homeowner. If you’re looking for a more sustainable, enjoyable, cost-friendly, and energy-efficient way to enjoy hot showers and water streams, invest in this appliance as soon as possible!

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