Plumber doing a residential service call for clogged drain

3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Professional Plumbers for Clogged Drains

Every homeowner has somehow encountered a clogged drain. Whether they’re clogs in the kitchen sink, the bathroom shower, or the toilet, what usually happens is that the water doesn’t seem to drain and appears to just backup. In most cases, all you need is a plunger or boiling water to unclog the drain. However, if this plumbing problem continues to come up frequently, then you need to hire a plumbing company and leave this to professional plumbers. 

Why? Here are three major reasons you should consider hiring professionals for your clogged drains:

1. Some home remedies won’t work for stubborn clogs.

Resorting to home remedies for your clogged drains may be an option to take. Sure, they sometimes work for minor issues only; however, they might not work at all for bigger problems. That said, here are some home solutions used that have some shortcomings:

  • Hot water and dish soap: Some households use hot water and dish soap. Know, however, that boiling water may eventually damage the PVC pipes.
  • Coat hanger: Some households use a wire coat hanger to get access to the deeper parts of the shower drain and pull out clogged items. However, it may not be long enough to address the problem.
  • Baking soda and vinegar: The combination of baking soda and vinegar may seem to be effective for clogged drains. However, pouring this solution down the drain may rupture your PVC pipes, and the solution may not really impact severe clogging.

2. Chemical products can cause issues and damages.

There is a wide range of chemical products or drain cleaners available in the market. It’s easy for homeowners to rush to the nearest store to buy these products, but here are a few drawbacks in using them:

  • Ineffectiveness: Some of these chemical products may not be effective enough to clear stubborn clogs, so you might just be wasting your money.
  • Potential damage: Some products contain hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid used for drain clogs, but they can significantly damage your pipes, sink, and other plumbing components.
  • Safety: Chemical cleaners require you to store them safely at home. If you are performing DIY plumbing work, then you need to wear eyewear and plastic gloves to keep yourself safe from the harmful chemicals.

3. Plumbing work requires the right tools.

Plumbing works such as clearing drain clogs require some essential tools and resources. Apparently, your household may not be equipped with all the needed resources. Here are some tools necessary to clear drain clogs:

  • Plungers: The average homeowner may have a toilet plunger at home. But professional plumbers do have a wide range of plungers of various shapes and sizes that can work wonders.
  • Sink auger: This is a specialized tool that plumbers use to clear sink and shower drain clogs, a tool that not every homeowner has. The plumber usually positions the cord inside of the drain and then turns the handle to extend it out.
  • Snake tools: What’s good about plumbers is that they carry a wide range of different snake tools for clearing clogs. With these, they can get the job done efficiently and effectively.


As you can see, clogged drains are inevitable. However, when these occur, what better way to address the clogs than to hire plumbing professionals to inspect the issue and clear the blockage? 

As outlined above, home remedies may not be enough; chemical products may cause some issues and proper plumbing work will require the right tools and resources. By hiring residential plumbers for your clogged drains, you can get access to knowledge, skills, expertise, and the right resources that will ensure a permanent solution to the problem.

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