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3 Reasons Behind a Leaky Faucet – What to Know for Your Plumbing Repair

It’s easy to overlook your plumbing system at home, but the smallest problem can become a significant headache when left unchecked. Leaky faucets, for instance, looks minor at first glance, but it can cause plenty of trouble in more ways than one – from wasting gallons of water to damaging other parts of your plumbing system. 

Knowing the common causes behind a faulty faucet can save you from pouring your budget down the drain from repairs. With that in mind, the list below should explain the reasons behind the leaks so you can know whether to get your hands dirty or leave it to a professional plumber. 

1. Damaged O-Ring

Faucets are continually being used, so it’s no surprise that it will develop wear-and-tear to its o-ring sooner or later. You know there are problems with your o-ring once you notice water seeping out of the faucet’s body, which indicates you need to replace the o-ring as soon as possible. 

Fortunately, you can easily buy a new o-ring at your nearest hardware store. Be sure to bring the damaged o-ring with you as a reference for the size. Moving forward, this is a problem that you can tackle as a weekend project since you only need a simple wrench and screwdriver to fix the leaky issue. 

Just don’t forget to turn off the water under the sink when starting your repair. 

2. Corroded Valve Seat 

The valve seat portion of your faucet describes the connection between the spout and the base, which can quickly accumulate with minerals. The sediment build-up can wear down the valve seat over time and compromise its efficiency, resulting in a dripping faucet. This is another problem that is easy to fix either as a DIY or from a professional, which involves pulling off the seal and replacing it with a new valve seat. 

3. Worn Down Washer 

Poorly installed washers are another easy fix that can lead to deeper problems when left untreated. All faucets have a washer that keeps it tight and secure, but problems can arise if it is worn down over time or improperly installed. 

You can easily replace the washer, but it’s best to call a professional if you want to ensure it is installed correctly. 

The Bottom Line 

Faucets are crucial features in any home, so its maintenance should be part of your top priorities. Leaving any potential problems to wear down your drain can lead to costly repairs down the road, so it’s best to do your homework on the common reasons behind a faulty faucet as a preventive measure.

The list above shows issues that are easy to fix at home. Still, if you notice any further damages to the pipes, cartridge, and other parts, it’s best to put an expert plumber on speed dial 

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